Summer centers – language and country adventure – summer camp


Sports, games and recreational activities, all conducted in English, are the best way to spend time having fun with new and old friends and, at the same time, strengthen the English language. The Camp Language & Country Adventure, are the most fun way to learn to use English, in a peaceful and dynamic environment, with the professionalism of native teachers and the effectiveness of years of experience.

The Camp for kids from 7 to 14 years of age, combines in fact, a full program of sports activities and outdoor games. Archery, horseback riding, trails in the woods, swimming pool, art, theme nights, Tibetan bridge, tennis and many other games, all held in the centre.


Together with federal instructors and technical staff, we will learn to know the horse, from its cleaning to its feeding, from how to saddle it to how to ride it.

An emotional journey through nature designed to live in close contact with the horse, devoting himself completely to care for him, take him for walks and play countless games, as well as, of course, a lot of riding.


In addition to the various daily activities, the children will have the opportunity to grow emotionally, and express their creativity and imagination through workshops, evening activities and a rich and varied entertainment program that will allow children to socialize and have fun, all while learning and deepening the English language, with karaoke, talent show, quiz show, barbecues and…

WARNING: In order to ensure that the stay is enjoyable and fun, the activities will be chosen and carried out depending on the response of the boys. All activities may be subject to change depending on the weather.