Middle East Now 2015 in Florence

The Middle East returns to be the protagonist in Florence from 8 to 13 April 2015 with the 6th edition of Middle East Now, an international festival of cinema, documentaries, contemporary art, music, meetings, and events, conceived and organized by the cultural association Map of Creation, which will take place between Cinema Odeon, Cinema Stensen and other locations and spaces of the city, the second appointment of the Spring of Oriental Cinema.

The 2015 edition of the festival will present a rich program of 45 films – almost all Italian and European premieres – including feature films, documentaries, animated films, and short films, for a full immersion that touches the countries and societies more “hot” in the Middle East, today as never before at the center of attention of international politics and media. Stories, characters, strong themes, and current events in the most recent film productions from Iran, Iraq, Kurdistan, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Bahrain, Algeria, and Morocco. The theme of this edition will be the Journey, Travelling in the Middle East, and the festival will be transformed into a stage of experiences and paths, of special itineraries within the great map of the Middle East, through a series of events, screenings, publications, and photographic and artistic installations.