The genuine and authentic flavours
of the Tuscan tradition.

Experience and passion handed down from generation to generation

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Tradition, territory, authenticity

Among the green hills at the gates of Florence, Tenuta dei Cavalieri has always valued the territory and its precious products.

Tenuta dei Cavalieri is located in one of the most renowned areas for the cultivation of olive trees in Tuscany. Through a family management with the wisdom and experience gained over the years and transmitted from father to son, all stages of the transformation process are performed with the utmost care: from the olive harvest, to pressing at room temperature to bottling.

The wise cultivation, the scrupulous selection and pressing of the olives at room temperature, enhance the taste and fragrance of an extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality. In addition, at the Cavalieri estate and the restaurant, in addition to the products of our own production, you can find a selection of the best local products.

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Enhance the flavours of your dishes with the most genuine condiments of our land! Discover the oil produced and packaged directly in the farm! Discover the oil produced and packaged directly on the farm!

Tenuta dei Cavalieri is deeply linked to olive oil.

In the selection of optimal territories, olive trees grow to bring all the flavour and elegance of this condiment on our tables.

Harvesting olives: how and when to do it?

In autumn, time to harvest the olives! But when exactly to pick them?

Generally the period goes from October to early December

But the factors that determine the right time are many: the type of olive (early or late), what is to be obtained from it and, above all, the climate conditions.

In the case of table olives, the fruit must be large and rich in pulp, while in order to obtain a sweet and slightly acidic oil, the fruit must not be excessively ripe.


Burned by hand in order not to waste them, collected in cloths, separated from the leaves and twigs, the olives are placed in special boxes, ventilated and brought the same day to the mill, where we wait patiently for the result of a long day’s work.

The passion we put into this work results in an oil that retains all its characteristics and properties, which make this condiment an essential presence on our tables.

The process of harvesting and processing is followed directly by Christina, Stefano and Edoardo who directly controlled the various stages of harvesting, pressing and finally tasted the oil produced.


  • Crusher 80%
  • Moraiolo 10%
  • Leccino 10%

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVO) means an oil obtained from the first pressing of the drupes, or fruits (olives), of the Olea europaea Leccino plant (better known as the olive tree). The processes of extraction of extra virgin olive oil are MECHANICAL and totally exclude the use of chemical means or processes, the various stages of processing should NOT affect the quality of the oil that, when finished, must be intact and well preserved. What reflects in a realistic way the suitability of the processes of oil production (harvesting of olives, storage of the same, extraction and timing of processing) is the parameter ACIDITY ‘; on balance, the pH of extra virgin olive oil is, along with some organoleptic properties and taste, the fundamental parameter in the qualitative assessment of the product.

It is the best choice when it comes to condiments, for flavour, fragrance but also for its many healthy virtues.

Extra virgin olive oil is the friend of the heart, anti-cancer and ally of youth. Let’s discover its properties:

Known and used since ancient times, olive oil is the most widely used fat in the MEDITERRANEAN DIET. There are countless clinical and epidemiological studies that highlight the nutritional qualities of this food, considered the best, the most suitable for human consumption, among all the fats of wide consumption. A supremacy that comes from a very simple truth: the extra virgin is the only oil to be produced only by pressing olives, without the help of chemical solvents or other industrial interventions, as happens instead for other oils or vegetable fats. The extra virgin, has remained over the years a product genuine and natural, a pressing of olives that transfers all the precious substances contained in the raw material to the oil.
It particularly abounds in oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat capable of regulating cholesterol levels (it reduces the level of LDL cholesterol, “bad”, compared to the level of HDL cholesterol, “good”).
The extra virgin olive oil is the only condiment that is included in the weaning of infants because it contains essential polyunsaturated fats w6 and w3 in correct ratio with each other, similarly to what happens in breast milk.
The content of POLYPHENOLS, very special antioxidants.
is a natural source of VITAMIN E, a powerful antioxidant that protects cell membranes from aging processes. For this property is considered the VITAMIN OF BEAUTY.
Squalene, a substance that abounds in olive oil (even more in shark liver, hence the name) would be effective in combating skin cancer;


According to the analysis of Crea (Center for Research in Agriculture) the chemical composition of 100 grams of extra virgin olive oil is composed of lipids 99.9%, of which:

  • saturated 14.46 percent
  • monounsaturated 72.95 percent
  • polyunsaturated 7.52%.
  • energy (kcal) 899
  • iron o.2 mg
  • zinc traces
  • copper traces
  • traces selenium
  • vitamin A 36 micrograms
  • vitamin E 22,4 mg


Classic recipes and modern reinterpretations of ancient flavours. Discover the essence of Saffron in our authentic recipes!


From the grapes of the vineyards of Tenuta dei Cavalieri, the most renowned wines of our territory. Bring to the table the joy and the memory of our harvests!

Tenuta dei Cavalieri Rosso is characterized by a beautiful and brilliant red-purple color. On the nose, juicy fruitiness is one of the main characteristics that goes well with an alternation of floral and spicy notes such as clove. Pleasantness is one of its peculiarities, together with persistence and elegance. The latter perfectly harmonizes with the marked smoothness.

A wine of remarkable agreeableness, perfect in the traditional Tuscan cooking, it can be matched with not too spicy cold cuts, tasty first courses, and meat main courses.

Medicinal Herbs

From the officinal properties of local herbs and plants, the essences, and the best ingredients for infusions and herbal teas

From the milk and local farms, fresh or aged cheeses, meats, and sausages are typical of our menus.