The well-being of the horse as the main objective

Large stables, dedicated care, and quality nutrition

The mission of our environment considers the welfare of horses to be the main priority, so the care of the horse has a central role. The stables, taking into account individual needs, allow us to guarantee the horses housed an excellent treatment and the possibility of constant training all year round.

The stables, made of wood, offer comfortable, well-ventilated, clean and bright stalls. The staff of the stables is highly qualified and takes care of the horse with great care. The feeding of the horse is guaranteed with plenty of hay and feed of the highest quality, in addition, where necessary, you can administer a personalized diet.

For those wishing to stay a few days at our farm, use our spaces for the management of their horse and re-education. We are able to offer complete facilities and dedicated care:

  • cleaning of the box and use of bedding with shavings of fir dusted.
  • foraging of the horse 6 times a day
  • daily outing for the horse’s training in the paddock or in the ring, depending on the season
  • use of the facilities for its hygiene
  • assistance for dedicated care or medication