Agritourism Italy – Search for the Brand and find the real Agritourism

Starting in the system. 2013, Italy has created a sector brand “agriturismo Italia”, accompanied by a new classification
The brand, which distinguishes the companies regularly operating according to the laws and regulations, is represented by a sunflower that ideally encloses a farm.

The classification of the agritourism companies, as it already happens for the hotels, has the purpose to give to the public an overall idea of the level of comfort (the comfort of the reception), of the variety of services (animation of the reception) and of the quality of the environmental context (nature, landscape, tranquillity) that each company is able to offer.

To build this system, the Ministry of Agriculture, in collaboration with all the regional administrations and national associations of agritourism, has promoted a major national and international research, to take stock of the needs of Italian and foreign tourists towards the agritourism offer, to highlight which requirements were best suited to represent the satisfaction, and what importance each requirement could assume in this scale of value.
The results of the research were translated into a simple scoring system, through which each farm is placed in one of the classes.
The requirements and relative scores are proposed for the entire national territory, even if regional administrations can adapt the national requirements to the local agritourism reality in consideration of the characteristics of productive agricultural structures, hospitality facilities, size of businesses and production systems, characteristics of the landscape, or to highlight local customs and traditions.
The national system therefore offers an overall guarantee which, however, encompasses the many regional specificities.

Each company will soon be characterized by a class, from 1 to 5, represented by a special symbolism.
This system wants to harmoniously represent the spirit and the “personality” of Italian agritourism in its various forms, enhancing the agricultural characterization of the reception context, which represents one of the most significant “expectations” of those who choose agritourism for their vacations, also considering aspects related to the landscape-environmental context in which agritourism activities take place.

The trademark reserved for officially recognized agritourism companies

The trademark Agriturismo Italia “authorized company” is, together with the recognition plaque, the instrument to be used in combination with the coordinated corporate image of the agritourism company.
It can, therefore, be inserted in all declinations of the IAC corporate communication (letterheads, business cards, brochures, leaflets, brochures, folders, envelopes, shoppers, banners, corporate website, press campaigns, television campaigns, internet campaigns, campaigns on social networks and through banner advertising, etc.).
the brand can be implemented according to the printing needs in different types: color, gray and black, and white.

The importance of official recognition

Thanks to the Agriturismo – Italia brand, tourists and professional operators can easily distinguish officially accredited businesses. This distinction is very important for the international market, especially for tourists who don’t know what agritourism is. and what it actually represents, and that they run the risk of being disoriented with respect to other forms of hospitality, which also operate in the rural territory, but do not connote themselves with the requirements of the territory and its personality.

The classification symbol

The choice of the classification mark has fallen on the sunflower, which recalls a series of positive concepts: the sun, a pleasant flower, a prize, the Italian summer, the vacation, the cheerfulness of colours.
In fact, all the research carried out, in Italy and in several foreign countries, showed that this symbol is experienced favourably and effectively recalls the idea of agritourism.